The Backstory

Why have only 13 women have ever reached Canada's top political job: as a first minister (a prime minister or premier)? In 2019, Kate Graham travelled across Canada - from St. John's to Tuktoyaktuk to Vancouver - to ask the women who know this story best.

Together with Canada 2020, an Ottawa-based think tank, these interviews were turned into a top-rated podcast called No Second Chances.  

Kate noticed something interesting about their stories. While these women grew up in different parts of Canada and each with a unique background, none of them aspired as a child to become a prime minister or premier. And, more importantly, as girls all of them tried to make changes in the places where they lived. They didn't wait until they reached political power to try to make things better for the people in their communities. 

This was the inspiration for Govern Like a Girl

Canada needed more girls - and a greater diversity of girls - to lead.